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Shat Karma (Body Cleansing Technique), or the five healing practices of Ayurveda comprise a system of wellness that is offered traditionally over five consecutive days. These treatments can be offered separately or as a series according to the participant's availability to promote a stronger immune system, detoxification of the digestive organs, increased absorption of prana (subtle energy) and nutrients, and balance in the functioning of the body's organs.

The following provides examples of Shat Karma therapies:

• Jal Neti
This yogic technique easily allows you to cleanse the nasal passages and Sinus alleviate allergies, sinusitis, and hay fever. It also leaves you feeling fresh and increases the absorption of prana (vital energy). Jal neti also stimulates the clarity of eyesight.

• Nasya
During nasya, warm oil and Ayurvedic powder are released into the nasal passages thereby removing excess mucous, lubricating and healing the membranes, and bringing freshness and calm to the brain.

• Shankpraxalan
This powerful technique removes bile, acidity, and mucous from the digestive system through a process of drinking and expelling lime water. It rejuvenates the pranic body and leaves one feeling light and clear. This therapy is followed by a guided relaxation and an Ayurvedic meal.

• Guided Fasting
Receive instruction in fasting and breaking a fast for a safe and more profound detoxification.

• Kunjal
This karma remove undigested matter.

• Sutraneti
Cleansing of Nasal Passage by using sutra(thread).
Intensify the benefits of your yoga practice by learning a program tailored to your constitution or particular health concerns. In individual yoga workshops, you will enjoy one-on-one feedback and assists to help you perfect the alignment of you postures, or move into deeper variations of the poses. During yoga therapy, you will receive personalized instruction in techniques and yoga postures for the treatment of conditions like: anxiety, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, excess weight gain, back pain, asthma, and poor digestion, dhyan, relaxation and meditation based on spiritual life.

       Special arrangements can be made in your own home-country provided. You will have to make all the arrangements like accommodation, journey, tuition fee etc. We can send a Yogi to your place at your expenses.
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