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To Register, Please download and print onine form. Send this form to

137, Mukhmel pur,
Delhi-110036 India

with a Rs 500 draft attached to it in favour of

The President,
Astang Yog Sansthan

This 300-hour certification course is intended for 12th pass of a Govt. of NCT, Delhi recognized 200-hour teacher training program or equivalent. The course offers yoga teachers of all traditions a unique opportunity for professional development and profound personal growth in the land of yogas origin, and in Rishikesh, the city of yoga and other spiritual and easily accessible parts of the country.

Every morning you will practice the transformative arts if satkarma (purification), mantra and meditation, exploring various different techniques and observing their effects. Following the meditation, you will practice asana and pranayama in various class-styles, which you will explore and be trained in during the methodology classes:
  • Hatha-Raja (a meditative flow with the sonorous Brahmaree pranayama);
  • Classical Kundalini (a dynamic sequence of oscillating asanas and pranayamas to cleanse and stimulate agni);
  • Intermediate/Advanced Hatha (a flowing sequence of asanas with long holding designed to encourage working through resistance, releasing outmoded patterns, and moving towards a profound sense of balance);
  • Restorative Yoga (gentle and supported yoga practices for those suffering from deep stress or physical/emotional injury); and
  • Prenatal Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditations and their modifications specifically tailored to the pregnant womans needs and experience).
  • Techniques classes are designed to help you work with students in advanced asana and pranayama, as well as to better instruct to diverse students bodies using props and focused assists. Each participant will teach three 1.5-hour classes in three of the above styles as a practicum, and will receive feedback from the trainers and their peers.
This course also includes in-depth teachings by Yogi Pawan Dawar on yoga therapy and the anatomy of yoga,group discussions on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavat Geeta and practical, experiential explorations of the chakras and their mystical symbolism with Yogi Kuldeep Sumanakshar, including journaling and artwork. Each evening will culminate with kirtan, mantra, sharing or other devotional practices.

The 500-hour teacher training course provides a great opportunity to explore the transformative power of diverse aspects of the yoga tradition and to share our reflections and personal experiences in a supportive yoga community.

Tuition Fee: Rs 20,000 (Indian Rupees)

Includes 300-hour certification course, manual, one yogic outfit, common room at the ashram, 3 vegetarian meals per day, 2 Sunday excursions, evening music/discussion programs, and airport pick-up.

To apply
The pre-requisite for taking this course is a 200-hour teacher training certificate. To apply, please:
  • Download and print the online form, or request a brochure and application form from us. Complete the application form and mail it at info@astangyogsansthan.com
  • Once your application is received, you will be contacted by phone for a short interview.
  • If your application is successful and considered, you will then need to finalize it by authorizing us.
Before the course
Before the course, there are two assignments and reading that you will need to complete. You will receive the assignment questions and the reading list after registration, so please don't leave the application process until the last minute. The readings and assignments will ensure that all applicants from various 200-hour programs have the necessary background knowledge to get the most out of the 500-hour course. The deadline for submitting these assignments is the same as for payment of the final fees, one month prior to departure.

Note: After receiving the application form , you will be informed by telephone as well as information will be send to your mail about the place to arrive.

Enjoy cultural excursions on two Sundays during the course:
  • Visit the holy city of Haridwar
  • Meet yogic saints, tour Hindu temples, explore artisan's markets, attend the musical sunset ceremony, Aarati, on the banks of the Ganges River.
  • Visit the caves and homes of saints in the vicinity of Rishikesh.
  • Enjoy living in Rishikesh and exploring this yogic town on our free Saturday afternoons and alternate Sundays.
  • Explore the sandy shores of the Ganges River, and intimate local markets with a wealth of yogic books, healing gemstones, and other wares.
  • Attend an intimate Aarati with drumming and collective chanting at which you can offer a small votive to the Ganges and watch the flames sail downstream. You may find yourself meditating amongst yogis and saints at sunset.
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